Real estate in Zermatt

At home in Zermatt

Everybody knows Zermatt; everybody knows the Matterhorn. We and the VAL Group Zermatt are at home there.
That is very much not the same.

To be at home means to know about local engagement, it means to understand each other – it means to know a thing or two about the world we share. And home means real estate – however, to the VAL Group Zermatt, home is always more than that. In the end, the things we know about each other are what creates something that is absolutely crucial to build and maintain a business model – not only at the foot of the most revered mountain on the planet: Trust!

The owners and their partners are deeply rooted in the village and therefore know the locals values inside and out.

That is one thing.

In order to be able to provide you with the perfect partnership, we combine down-to-earth values with cutting-edge technology, heavily emphasising the importance of digitalisation. For us, it is so much more than a buzzword. When buying and selling “objects to live in”, digitalisation is indispensable. That is a good thing: Modern technology makes your offer visible and is the first point of contact between buyer and seller, between seller and buyer.

So far, so insufficient.

Without a close contact to you, whether you are a buyer or a seller, all of this technology means nothing!
We want to build trust, and this is why we always start with a direct and personal dialogue.

We would like to get to know you to be able to introduce the VAL Group Zermatt and its interdisciplinary services.

We look forward to meeting you.

4.5 Zimmer
129 m2
CHF 670'000.–
CHF 310'000.–
4.5 Zimmer
118 m2
CHF 2'125'000.–
8.5 Zimmer
315 m2
On Request
4.5 Zimmer
125 m2
CHF 2'550'000.–


1.5 Zimmer
22 m2


4.5 Zimmer
95 m2


3.5 Zimmer
94 m2


3.5 Zimmer
82 m2

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Zermatt, the Matterhorn – and you!

At the foot of the Matterhorn lies the town of Zermatt; famous beyond the borders of Switzerland and Europe, with a certain undeniable aura of mundanity – and yet: Zermatt is a gem in the midst of the mighty alps, an illustrious jewel whose touristic rise is deeply intertwined with what is probably the most famed mountain on the planet. The car-free paradise’s age-old original charm has stood the test of time to remain unchanged to this day. It is probably due to this steadiness that Zermatt is known to be one of the most sought-after places to live life in, a place attracting visitors from all over the world, back in the day just as much as in modern times.
A hotspot brimming with life or a retreat to slow things down? How would you like Zermatt? Create something that’s precious, personal, perfect – somewhere you feel at home, naturally.

In the spirit of the great Goethe: Here, I am human, here, I can be.

Of course, not everyone can live in Zermatt – but everyone should try to!

The VAL Group Zermatt is there to help.

At the peak of Switzerland – at the peak of the world.

We are the VAL Group Zermatt – welcome home

What our customers say

Pierre-Alain Grichting

I have been working with VAL Group for 2 years. I appreciate above all the customer orientation, speed, high flexibility, as well as professionalism. The greatest quality, however, is that they not only talk about sales, but also bring them to a close.

David Gruber

From the first meeting to the closing of the mandate, working with VAL Group is pure pleasure! Great experience, top-modern equipment and highest efficiency bring every client an “all-round carefree package”! The broad team with different backgrounds shows VAL Group’s greatest strength: its interdisciplinary thinking! You want to sell? Show VAL Group your property and the brokerage will take care of the rest. You want to buy? We guarantee you will find your dream property!

Urs Ramseyer

The employees of VAL Group take their time, show real interest in the customer and respond to his/her wishes. Nothing is played, you are taken seriously and together you find the tailor-made residential property. My compliments!

Roger Schnydrig

The VAL Group is a young and competent company. The cooperation with Mr. Stocker was uncomplicated and serious. He was always there for us and the sale of my property was handled in the fastest possible way. I can only recommend the VAL Group.

Daniel Burger

Mr. Silvio Julier did a super job! With his pleasant and friendly appearance, he responded with great empathy to our needs and wishes, trying to solve them. With his professional and very competent approach he convinced us, in addition to the great apartment that was offered to us.

Many thanks to VAL Group to Mr. Julier. We were able to call the beautiful apartment our own after only three weeks! Simply TOP.

Christine Frömelt

Silvio Julier was very professional, courteous and uncomplicated. He advised us competently and transparently, whether by mail, telephone or in person. In addition, he never pushed us to close a deal. And even when our plans had changed fundamentally, he remained very friendly and understanding. A committed and likeable young man!
We wish him and the motivated team of VAL Group continued success and we are happy to recommend them.

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