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Pierre-Alain Grichting

I have been working with VAL Group for 2 years. I appreciate above all the customer orientation, speed, high flexibility, as well as professionalism. The greatest quality, however, is that they not only talk about sales, but also bring them to a close.

David Gruber

From the first meeting to the closing of the mandate, working with VAL Group is pure pleasure! Great experience, top-modern equipment and highest efficiency bring every client an “all-round carefree package”! The broad team with different backgrounds shows VAL Group’s greatest strength: its interdisciplinary thinking! You want to sell? Show VAL Group your property and the brokerage will take care of the rest. You want to buy? We guarantee you will find your dream property!

Urs Ramseyer

The employees of VAL Group take their time, show real interest in the customer and respond to his/her wishes. Nothing is played, you are taken seriously and together you find the tailor-made residential property. My compliments!

Roger Schnydrig

The VAL Group is a young and competent company. The cooperation with Mr. Stocker was uncomplicated and serious. He was always there for us and the sale of my property was handled in the fastest possible way. I can only recommend the VAL Group.

Daniel Burger

Mr. Silvio Julier did a super job! With his pleasant and friendly appearance, he responded with great empathy to our needs and wishes, trying to solve them. With his professional and very competent approach he convinced us, in addition to the great apartment that was offered to us.

Many thanks to VAL Group to Mr. Julier. We were able to call the beautiful apartment our own after only three weeks! Simply TOP.

Christine Frömelt

Silvio Julier was very professional, courteous and uncomplicated. He advised us competently and transparently, whether by mail, telephone or in person. In addition, he never pushed us to close a deal. And even when our plans had changed fundamentally, he remained very friendly and understanding. A committed and likeable young man!
We wish him and the motivated team of VAL Group continued success and we are happy to recommend them.

Claudio Lanfascia

I have had only the best experiences with VAL Group. Apartment listed on 27.08.2020 and sold on 25.11.2020.
Top performance. You are a great team. Keep up the good work.

Cornelia Klein

Mr. Julier advised my son and me (mother) very competently about the location of the apartment and the infrastructure on site. Since we came from Germany, we did not know the local conditions. We were thrilled by the nice contact and were very happy when we got the promise of the apartment already on site. We can recommend this company with a clear conscience!

Beat Henzen

Excellent service. The customer is the center of attention. The entire process was extremely professional and transparent. I can only recommend VAL Group.

Elias Monsalve

The whole process was very fast. Professional and friendly consultant always ready to help for any anomaly. I can only recommend it!! +++++

Eric Stawinoga

All processes and arrangements went smoothly and very professionally. The team also works in a very customer-oriented way and has always been very ambitious in our previous work together. I am looking forward to further projects in the future and can give a clear recommendation!

Fabian Mutter

Great, dynamic company, with competent and easy guys!

Everyone is totally uncomplicated and highly professional!

I can only recommend!

Hans-Ulrich Meier

Mr. Julier advised us very professionally and courteously and never pushed us to close.

Jan Hiller

Mega professional, super reliable. Here’s to many more successful projects in the future!

Jonas Mehrtens

I heartily recommend VAL Group. The young, motivated team is both professional and committed. I particularly liked the familiarity with each other, as well as the outstanding reliability in all arrangements. I would like to thank them and look forward positively to further joint projects.

Martin Kaeslin

Just as you would wish as a customer: uncomplicated but serious. And what counts especially in the real estate sector: Honest and direct. We always had the good feeling that the company does not just want to sell a property, but also wants to find the right property for us as buyers.

Maya Amrein

Very friendly, competent and good support through the evaluation and purchase process. Communication was quick and uncomplicated.

Michael Kuonen

Super selection with top offers. The professionalism and quality are in the first place with this company. Gladly again!

Monica Albrecht

Mr. Julier Silvio was very courteous and transparent. Only to recommend! Thank you for your commitment.

Moritz S.

Very competent and sympathetic mediator. From the first contact to the signing of the rental contract 6 days passed.

Petra Osterwalder

Very nice, young and motivated team. Pleasant contact and full of verve with which the employees sold the project for me. Can only recommend with full confidence. Again and again with pleasure, it was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you

Rico Portner

Very pleasant cooperation. Speditive processing, responds to customer wishes.
Gladly again, clear recommendation.

Roger Schnydrig

VAL Group is a young and competent company. The cooperation with Mr. Stocker was uncomplicated and serious. He was always there for us and the sale of my property was handled in the fastest possible way. I can only recommend the VAL Group.


Silvio Julier was very courteous and personable. He always answered my questions quickly and competently and thus helped to find a great apartment. Thank you

Samira Zehnder

I used the services of this company some time ago and was very satisfied with their performance. VAL Group works with the highest quality and is very professional.

Sophia Stotz

Excellent service, serious advice, meaningful documentation of the objects for sale. This company has our trust!

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