Perception is everything: The VAL Group’s new appearance.

The way you carry yourself is the way you are perceived by others – this applies to everyone and everything. In the case of an enterprise such as the VAL Group, it applies to the people representing it. VAL Group, that is people; it is our staff, brought together by a passionate drive, it is our staff that makes us who we are. We want to participate in the market with means of communication that reflect our values with a visual, personal profile; in the form of an appearance, an imagery, with which we clearly position ourselves and whose uniqueness makes us distinguishable.

The imagery of the VAL Group AG
How does a clear, distinct imagery for a real estate full-service firm look like? The answer seems simple: It looks like the professional presentation of its objects – and yet, we went one step further. We chose an imagery surpassing and transcending singular objects, completely in accordance with both the values of our enterprise and our customers’ basic need of private and professional housing. In the same vein, this imagery should make us recognisable within a field of active market engagement.

The model of the logarithmic spiral

A logarithmic spiral possesses a particular property: With every rotation around its centre, the distance to said centre changes by the same factor. Thus, the spiral’s radius grows proportionally to its arc length.

The snail lives individually and privately – in its own home
What appears to be so rationally, technically and mathematically convoluted is, in reality and nature, of such absolute perfection and outstanding beauty that the VAL Group decided to revolve its corporate design around the logarithmic spiral in the form of ten key visuals.

In contrast to the group’s blue hue, VAL Group Zermatt’s imagery is presented in an ochre tone – Voilà, our corporate color:

Because it just suits it all. It suits our objects, it suits the wishes of our customers and it suits our acknowledgement of continuous growth – not rampantly sprawling, but planned, definable – feasible.

Moreover, our imagery positions ourselves in the context of a market we neither invented nor claim to be ours. What we do claim for ourselves, our objects and our services, however: Whatever we do, with whomever we do it: We shall be recognised, and we want to be measured by it.

And the Matterhorn; but of course different – like us!

In addition to the key visuals of the group, the Matterhorn has somehow imposed itself on our market Zermatt; just a little differently – of course differently! Together with the photographer Pascal Gertschen and the Air Zermatt, views of “our mountain” could be created, which coincide with our insights: Naturally different, that is!

Naturally different: views and insights: The visual world of VAL Group Zermatt

The snails’ shell is also decorating our new brochure which lies waiting for you fresh off the printing press. Are you interested? Order yours now, contact us via E-Mail.

Your VAL Group Zermatt team