How the Matterhorn came into our corporate presentation

In addition to the image world of the group, the appearance of VAL Group Zermatt was to be supplemented with its own key visuals, which, on the one hand, almost impose themselves with the image of the Matterhorn. On the other hand, the now implemented views should fit our very personal insights and values.

Is everything a question of perspective? Much is a question of perspective!
Millions of times it was and is pictured, our mountain; our “Horu”. Worldwide, it has to serve as Switzerland’s “most learned USP” on all national and international markets – sometimes appropriate, but mainly completely inappropriate – for the most diverse products and services.

So now also for VAL Group Zermatt? Was that really necessary? No, it wasn’t, but it is definitely appropriate. That’s precisely why we wanted to give the Matterhorn an appearance in our corporate presentations that corresponds to our values, our insights and our views: different, of course.
Maybe you’ve already seen it that way, our Matterhorn from these angles; maybe not. – All the better, then!

Thanks to many
With our short making-of video we would like to give you just a small impression; of the motivation, of our joy and our passion to present you our services and living(t)spaces in Zermatt the way they deserve it – the way you deserve it.

Many thanks to the photographer Pascal Gertschen, a Merci to the Air Zermatt, a thank you to the weather goddesses who let the Matterhorn shine in exactly this mood on this day and finally most obliging thanks to the European Plate, which 30 million years ago slid deep into the earth’s mantle, partially melted, pushed its rest upwards and slowly pushed the folded rock layers upwards to exactly what presents itself to us all today as what is better known all over the world than Switzerland itself: The Matterhorn.

Welcome to Zermatt, welcome home.
Live beautifully – live beautifully; where Switzerland is most beautiful – where the world is most beautiful!

Your VAL Group Zermatt Team