Our new digital appearance: Welcome home!

Is Zermatt a world of its own? Certainly it is a world of its own; however, for VAL Group Zermatt reason enough to dedicate its own website to its products and services; and we believe that it has turned out well.
In addition to the obvious visual “facelift” of the appearance of the entire group, which comes across as structurally fitter, the Zermatt homepage presents itself in its own corporate color – ocher instead of blue – as well as its own visual language and video sequences. However, you as our customer are still the center of attention: take the opportunity and have a look around. Contemporary functions are waiting to be discovered by you. And, of course, some of the living spaces as well – living in Zermatt: closer to the sky.

A coherent ambience is to be created with own video sequences. Almost a bit “like at home.

The focus of it all: A tidy, contemporary design in line with the group’s appearance. All information about our company, our services – but above all about our “objects for living” can be reached with a few clicks and important details are recognizable at first glance. As we all know, visual appearance is a matter of taste, but functionality and user-friendliness are not. A functional responsive design, i.e. optimized for a clear and readable presentation on different media, therefore characterizes the design of our website just as much as a meaningful visual language, which we – who would be surprised) – have supplemented with specially produced visuals of the most beautiful mountain in the world.

Is everything a question of perspective? Much is a question of perspective!

You should feel at home with us; the same goes for our website.

Analogous to the group website, the website of VAL Group Zermatt has now also been restructured and increasingly aligned with the changed customer needs. True to our corporate culture, the new website impresses with innovation, market orientation and professional know-how. It should convince them in design, especially with a technically sophisticated, but significantly more user-friendly presentation of our real estate offers.

Visitors will benefit from a comprehensive information content and will also be informed about important real estate business topics in the future.

We are pleased to provide our users with an innovative website through intelligent use of the technical possibilities, which is unparalleled in our home markets.

The pleasing development of VAL Group Zermatt, but above all the spirit that binds our team together and makes us what we are, is also what our website wants to express.

We hope this sentiment resonates with our visitors. How do you find our new website? Send us an E-Mail.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Your VAL Group Zermatt